Author = Seyed Majid Mofidi Shemirani
Urban design guidance of smart growth and their application in Iran

Volume 13, Issue 43, January 2017, Pages 101-116

sanaz saeidi mofrad; Seyed Majid Mofidi Shemirani

The morphological criteria of Ecocity from the perspective of theorists

Volume 11, Issue 31, January 2015, Pages 99-108

Seyedeh Shafagh Sharifian Barforoush; Seyed Majid Mofidi Shemirani

Explaining the Sustainable Urban Community Structural Criteria

Volume 11, Issue 29, June 2014, Pages 59-70

Seyed Majid Mofidi Shemirani; Hamed Moztarzadeh

A Study on Typology of Southern Iranian Cities, Ports and Islands by Considering Criterion of Prosperity

Volume 10, Issue 26, September 2013, Pages 59-70

Seyyed Majid Mofidi Shemirani; Niloufar Nikghadam; Mansoure Tahbaz