About Journal

Bagh-e Nazar, the scientific and bilingual journal (Persian and English) of Nazar Research Center for Art, Architecture, and Urbanism (NRC), was launched in 2003. The journal aims to introduce new achievements in the field of theoretical studies of art and architecture, to publish the latest research findings in this field, to improve the quality of art and architecture research in Iran, to meet the scientific and research needs of the country, to introduce the abilities of Iranian architects, to promote cooperation between local and international experts.

To reach its goals andintroduce the achievements of Iranian scholars to the global scientific community, Bagh-e Nazar has been publishing full-text articles in English since 2015 (Vol. 12, Issue 36). This journal has succeeded to be indexed in reputable citation databases such as Web of Science, AATA and Ebsco, and to internationalize the editorial board and referees.

The problems of disseminating scientific journals in Iran and the poor habit of purchasing books and journals have decreased the circulation of books and journals in relation to the population of the country. The young people’s society of Iran and a large number of students, especially in the disciplines related to the journal (architecture, urbanism, landscape, art, environment, cultural heritage, etc.) have encouraged the management of the journal to increase its impact factor. To this purpose, the dissemination of the full-text articles of this journal has been facilitated via its website since August 2011. This idea was also reinforced with the popularity of the Internet as an accessible source of information for students.