Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 25, June 2013, Pages 3-112 

Research Article

Features of Earliest Park in Tehran: Amin-o-Dolleh Park

Pages 3-16

aboozar Majlessi; Mojtaba Ansari; Mohammadreza Bemanian; Farhad Fakhar Tehrani

Evaluation of Sketchup Effects on Process of Architectural Sketching

Pages 29-38

Hashem Hashemnejad; Ahmad Ekhlasi; Bahram Saleh Sedghpour; Kaveh Shokuhi dehkordi

Hung-i Nauruzi 2 Rock Carving and comparing it with other Elymean Rock Carvings

Pages 59-68

Alireza Hejebri nobari; Noorollah Moradi; Farhang Khademi nadushan; Mahdi Musavi kouhpar