The text originality as the antecedent of criticism and interpretation.

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Originality as antecedent of criticism and interpretation text is whatever interpretable. Interpretation is inherence of the interpreter out of the text, but this perception is unlimited, personal and based on the will and taste of the critics.
The text orients the perception and the interpretation of the interpreter. If the texts follow the interpreter image, it would absolutely be with out any meaning and hence it can result in different understandings and therefore the interpretations would have endless domain and infinite chain would start in interpretation of a text. Barthes (1915-1980) and Derrida (1930-2004) in "The death of the author" theory suggested the idea of decentralizing what is called the core meaning of the text, have restrained to the interpretation .text is not humiliated by the interpreter rather it is an inflection element. The largest of interpretation is the discovery of the text meaning or the intention of the author not to impose his gathering on the text.
The art of an interpreter is to invent a way so that the nature (the beauty of image and meaning) is reflected in world or speech such interpretation and critics will be a unique one. If the interpreter followers open to the text, then it will appear through his interpretation. Meanings multiplication stems from the tissue of the text, any interpretation is a meaning discovery of the core meaning of the text. Interpretation is thought communication with whatever appears in text.