An introduction to recognize Birjand’s historical gardens

Document Type : Research Article



Persian garden that had dominance from India to Tabirz and from Samarqand and Bokhara to Shiraz and above these limits has appeared in different forms according to specific climate and historical period. Birjand in southern Khorasan province is one of places that has a specific style of Persian garden concepts. Birjand as a city that has acquired its splendor from Safavied period has a collection of historical gardens. These gardens belong to last part of Zandieh period Ghajar period and earlier pahlavi period. The analysis of characteristics in Birjand garden in 8 gardens like Akbarieh, Shokat abad, Rahim abad, Bahlgerd, mood, ma’soomieh & toghan shows that combination of some particular like non-existence of water axes, joining to rural texture, main axes of pain, Shahneshin in the pool, Hozkhaneh, garden-castle and extended strong axes distinguish the style of Birjand garden from other places in Iran. This article on the base of investigation on historical periods, climate and architecture of Birjand because of shortage enough information about Birjand gardens, first characteristic of this gardens, then in comparative analysis provides contexts to recognize specific styles in Birjand.