The question of hermeneutics

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There are several meanings for the term hermeneutics on the basis of its application. The uses of the word should be precisely clarified their meaning and the amis by using this term. Criticism domain of artwork has had the most damage due to the peculiar application of the word hermeneutics and its different equivalents such as interpretation,analysis of critics and rhetoricians and thinkers in their written works.If the meaning of the words in their applications and the users intention of the words is not clarified there would happen no immediate and clear action would be at hand, moreover the written works readers would be mislead in understanding the have wrong interpretation to that of the authors. Interpretation and understanding a phenomenon is impossible as for as some thinkers take understanding and interpretation as a unique entity. Human mental capabilities are in form that allows making meaning for every phenomenon or seek to discover the meaning. Such capacity is called as interpretive capacity. Texts are unveiled through interpretation. The aim of text interpretation and understanding is to get its meaning, meaning is the fruit of understanding.
Dasein is an interpretor that has heaven and innately interprets the phenomenon. In order to interpret a text it is necessary to have a method. The text direct the interpreters in finding the methods of interpretation, in other words texts are direction of interpreters for interpretation. Studying the definitions of hermeneutics and analyzing the interpretation process nature is necessary for any researcher. Because interpretation, cognition and cosmology have innate relation and in addition to this, interpretation in art domain appears in the form of art critics. The question of what is hermeneutics and studying the general problems related to interpretation is the gist of this article.