Historical background of visual effects of light in Iranian Painting

Document Type : Research Article



Besides amazing and fascinating combinations of color and geometrical divisions of space and forms, light is on of the elements of aestheticism in Iranian Painting works. As can be in seen in Iranian Painting, colorful two-dimensional surfaces which are shadow less and also with out light and shade effect, indicate a picture with no single light source.
Absence of shade in these works show that a wide spread and simple light has embraced all the painting. The picture has established a word full of light. An Iranian Painter has always adhered to the theory of the light dominatrix the dark. This observes one of the verses of Quran which states in Noor chapter: Allah is the light source of all skies and the Earth.”
Studying the background of ancient Iranian’s attention to light, we can observe chain continuity between the thought of Iranian painter with
pre-Islamic believes and rites such as Mazdak school of thoughts and holy prophet’s Mani thoughts. The continuity of this view can as well be seen in post-Islamic philosophy and thoughts