Tension of social identity:A challenge in Iranian urbanism &urban re- constrution

Document Type : Research Article



After each disaster such as earthquake, the most attractive events for media to show are the demolished buildings and other physical destructions.So, it seams that reconstruction program should be limited to rebuilding destroyed houses and shops. Other aspects of the people life that may be more affected and destroyed by the earthquake have to be left behind, and less attention has to be gained. But, most research results on the very complicated disaster aftermaths indicate that many other important and complicated circumstances may occur sooner just after disaster, or later on, that may put more complicated and disastrous affects that may influence the whole life of the affected community for a longer time.
In this paper, it was attempted to study some social and individual behaviors, such as rising of crime and drug problems in community affected by disaster, in order to discover the real causes and acting factors. “Identity” was taken as the axial factor, in this study in order to examine the complexity of destructions caused by disasters to the affected societies. Death of family members usually affects turn up the family life and affects the whole community, causing social disorders such as crime and drug problems.
A field study was held in Bam, Iran affected society two years after the December 2004 earthquake, on social and behavioral problems occurs mainly at camps were temporary constructed to shelter the affected people in Bam. The study main important results show that there are many hidden affecting process that put the real and the most important effects on the whole life of the disaster affected community. The most important disaster circumstances usually rune individual and social identity of the people. Death of parents, usually leave orphans and splash families. Losing property turns rich families to poor, and demolishes their social identity.
Theses effects increase when affected people were moved to live in camps fare away from their houses and local communities. In this case, people those till yesterday were land lords, from the disaster on ward became treated as refugees. This put great influence on their whole life and reduces their self confidence. Furthermore, living in refugees camps reduce social control and increase social and individual misbehaviours.