Interaction of nature & architecture: A glimpse

Document Type : Research Article



In history, the natural factors always had been important criteria in making shelters, houses, living and working places and other types of places. Human architecture in this historical period gathered to important subject, form and function awarely.
Using natural forms in architecture is cause of human absorption to created phenomena and their effects. On the other hand natural forms in both functional and aesthetic fields had been acknowledged in cultures and nations folks, effectively. For example animals and birds in different countries and societies according to their historical cultures had special holiness.
Paul Kelley says: relation with nature is the most necessary bet to artists. Artist is human and he himself is nature, part of nature and amongst natural places.
Nature has a great effect on architectural creativity strategies. None assortable nature is always present everywhere, like a powerful implement for inspiring its existence is obvious in metaphor, emulate, form mutability and even in materials.