Contemporary Urban Planning, Public and Private law: Relationships, Systems and Challenges

Document Type : Research Article



Public and private law discussions, regulated based on the relationship between people (citizens) and the government, are introducing the authority and the free will of the each division. These two divisions of law within different political systems have different views regarding the role and the place of people and the government and their relationships within those systems. These relationships have direct affects on city and urban planning system, and thus it is expected to modify their emerging data regarding the interests of various groups involved in the process, and in producing the whole process and implementation of the plan.
These relationships within the two contemporary existing political frameworks in our country are treated differently. Different views to these relationships in the past affected the system of urban planning and finally the problem inherited is now ended to today’s challenging situations. In this paper the subject of the research is tackled within three viewpoints:
The first: argument of relationship, in which the relationship between public and private law and their bilateral relations with urban planning in theoretical domain are discusses.
The second: argument of systems, in which the discussed relationships in the¬ contemporary political frameworks (systems) are rethought.
The third: argument of challenges, which is the result of the challenging relationships in the contemporary political frameworks (systems) and will be revised in the city and urban planning discipline.