Study of archaeological Findings Related to the Art, Achaemenid Period in Egyptian

Document Type : Research Article



The literature of the present study is so huge and the material used in their inscription and findings are archeological. In this research, the Librerian method and field reports were used. To the authers archeological materials are needed to understand the cultural relations between Persia & Egypt during this time. Thus, one could divide these materials in to two groups. First, the Persian archaeological finds in Egypt and second, the Egyptian archaeological finds in Iran. There are some typical archaeological materials in Egypt refer to Achaemenids. The inscriptions of Wadi Hammamat in Hieroglyph writing، the inscriptions of mausoleum achaemenids and Elephantine Papyrus carrying an Aramaic and the bas relieves from Memphis & Carved motives on the walls of Hibis، and the inscriptions of Darius I in Suez Cannel. We can refer to such an Egyptian style Statue of Darius I in Susa. The Egyptian Scrubs Stamp from Qazvin Plain، the wares with hieroglyph inscriptions from Perspolis and the objects related to the Egyptian Myth & magic believes found in Perspolis. Also Achaemenid administration seal impression. According to the finds it is concluded that there was a strong effect of Egyptian culture on the Persian one.