Formalistic Approach As the Basis of Criticism in Arts (artistic criticism)

Document Type : Research Article



The basis of criticism in the arts with any reading is attributed to the from of the artwork. Form is the principal and basis which gives birth to an artwork and reveals it.It is on basis of shape, form and structure of any artwork that an artist his/her talent and creative devices and by inventional imagination creates it. Art creation happens to come out in the form shape and beauty is the uncovered and undamental figure which appears in artwork.It is possible to have any critics and interpretations of an artwork through the objects composition and form which is called artwork meaning or concept of artwork, understanding and decoding the core idea of the author, the text antecedent (words chain, shape and color, motion land sounds) to psychological and sociological, historical and mythical fields through the artwork form (shape) and its formality. form is the contact point of an artist and interlocutors and vice versa.
If an artwork is taken as an independent object on an artist and interpreted in the historical horizons frequently then what makes any interpretation possible finally is the art form ;the¬ essence of which is the beauty of expression. Questioning an artwork may /be done in different aspect such as what does it mean? What has been the intention of its creator? What does the work mean in the present time? How an artwork can convey past historic horizons to the modern era?.
Any answer to such questions depends on precise and original information of the artwork form and composition critics analysis.