History and basis of recent evolutions of animation : Effects of digital technology on production of feature animation films since 1980 's.

Document Type : Research Article



Animation has passed critical changes and evolutions since 1980s. With the introduction of computer into this field, art and industry of animation have evolved in this era; as a result, it may be mandatory to add a new page to the animation history for this period. These years have been an important and effectual age to the animation. Alternations in management of companies, retirement of old groups and entrance of new generation altogether led to crucial changes in the course of animation production. In this period, the world gradually became aware of new possibilities of animation art and the abilities it could have with assistance of digital technology, and expanded it. Hence, today we can assume few features, short and experimental animations are found with no use of computer technology –at least in one of their production procedure stages. This paper generally describes three issues. First, genesis of computer animation and its introduction to the animation world till its dominance are discussed. Then, leading companies in the world animation industry and their productions are defined. In this part, productions of Walt Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Aardman and Ghibli studios after 1980 are named. Finally, animation production in Europe is briefly explained and top, effective independent animators in the field of this art will be introduced.