Landscape Urbanism: A New Approach in Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

Document Type : Research Article



The problems of rapid civilizations, ignorance of urban open spaces & urban sprawls especially in Europe and North American cities, cause the new approach "Landscape Urbanism" in recent decades. Besides, interaction and overlaps between landscape architecture and urban design and ignorance of them to the landscape and open space as a main infrastructure of the city has been increased the need for this approach. In the traditional approaches, architecture always considered as a main element of city building. However, with the growing importance of landscape urbanism, this emphasize as been changed.
The main goal of this article is to understand landscape urbanism as a new approach emergent according to the interaction of landscape architecture and urban design. The result of this article shows that landscape urbanism as a new trend owns its fundamentals and goals from landscape architecture and urban design. This approach has an interdisciplinary nature. In this trend, landscape and open space as main elements of the city building are the core emphasizes. The survey of academic conditions shows that a few universities establish independent educational programs of landscape urbanism. Teaching the courses of this discipline is done in the middle of the related programs syllabuses.