An introduction to the theory of the role of local language in the reading and perceiving space and human environment: Case study of Persian language

Document Type : Research Article



There has been several different scientific discussions about mutual interrelationships between human Mind and The Language he is using as Mother Tongue. But what is recently on the top of the discourses in this field refers to the relationship between Man and his Environment through language.
In this article we will focus on the Iranian style built environment and it`s relations with the Persian language. We will try to show that when a Persian language speaker uses his language to discuss the environment actually the language affects his environmental perception as well as his cognition. So any environmental evaluation also will be derived from the structure and the meaning which hidden in the particular language. Therefore if we want to achieve original principles and criteria of Iranian style built form and built environment there is no way but refer to the official an non-official Persian language. This is the theory this article is trying to introduce.