From the Words to Action, “Organization” In Urban Interventions

Document Type : Research Article



In Urban interventions, Meaning of “Organization” has different interpretations and even paradoxes. So using of this word in urban plans titles has different reading in both theoretical and Practical parts. Large using of “organization” in urban plans titles and also using as a technical word specifies necessity of precise reading for this word. In This article two parts has analyzed, at first; words, expressions and technical definitions and then experiences.
In Persian language, there is no a precise definition for “organization”. By considering of other languages (English, French and Italian) only in French there is an equal word. In spite of having a precise word in French language, their urban intervention experiences have different interpretations and even paradoxes in meaning. In field of domestic regulations, “organization” has just mentioned as a title. In these regulations, “organization” is improving life conditions in urban and rural areas. Urban organizational plans couldn’t get a precise approach in both domestic and foreign experiences. In other words, in urban plans, “organization” is not a technical word, but it’s only a neutral title which is making clear any theoretical – practical mechanism. In order to use this word in field of urban interventions, it should be mixed with other technical expressions and words.