Identification of Vertical Urban Design & its Implementing Requisites in Tehran

Document Type : Research Article



Aim of this paper is to recognize the content & history of vertical urban design as a new theory of urban design that was result of the lack of appropriate construction areas and the related urban problems. Because of this aim, investigation of Tehran conditions as a case of implementation with this approach is the other result of this article. The comparative content analysis of publications & analytical approach with the base of grounded theory is method of this research. In this regard, some related terms such as vertical landscape, sustainable skyscrapers, ecologic urbanism and ecologic design came up with attitude of vertical urban design.
The research findings show that the terms of ecologic sustainability as well as vertical development for maximum use of sky space are considered as the main subject of the mentioned attitude. In the next step, conditions and realities of Tehran as an Asian metropolitan comparing with vertical urban design features investigated and results obtained. Finally the proposed pattern for consideration of this approach in Tehran presented. In this model, the six macro zones of proposed Tehran master plan selected and presented as a mathematical function.