Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of the Master Program in Architecture at American Universities

Document Type : Research Article


1 Master student of architecture at Imam Khomeini University of Qazvin

2 Faculty member and assistant professor of Imam Khomeini International University


Problem statement: Architectural index works indicate the presence of people with the necessary knowledge and ability and, consequently, the presence of architectural knowledge in them. Obviously, achieving it requires appropriate theoretical training along with practical experiences; Because the goal of architecture is to create an environment for human beings, it is necessary to use efficient methods to meet their quantitative and qualitative needs. Architecture education is available in many countries, but few architects graduate from these universities; Therefore, it must be acknowledged that educational goals and programs play an important role in educating students.
Aim of the research: In the meantime, the aim and task of universities is to create a suitable environment and platform for the flourishing of discoveries, enlightenment and critical thinking among students. The purpose of this study is to examine the performance of the world's top universities of architecture (specifically the United States) in terms of curriculum and also the goals that they pursue in training an architecture student as an efficient person in the field of architecture.
Research method: The research method is comparative. Therefore, given the importance of the higher education system in training architects, teaching programs in 20 major American universities have been reviewed. According to the different goals and programs of different study courses, the master's degree course has been considered as an intermediate and important course.
Conclusion: According to the studies, the findings indicate that each of these universities pays attention to the definition of educational goals and programs and training accordingly, as well as the existence of laboratory environments for experimentation. Skills training and creativity in students.