the originality of the beauty and the subject subsidy in art

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An artwork is a form of art truth, in other words, it is the emanate of the true form of art. An art work gets all its entity and essence from the genus of the form identity, the identity of art in turn stems from the true beauty and the true beauty is the mean source of substantial form of the achieved art.
The artist invents a substantial, abstract, heavenly and ideal form of true beauty in his imaginary mind with his intuitive perception of the existence. This substantial form with all its entity receives its existence ‘on the base of the artist capacity, from the absolute and eternal beauty. That substantial form is the beginning and source of art work creation. An artwork interpretation is based on the mental system of the interpreter and the artwork interpreter first encounter’s the form of art and then interprets it on the base of the aspects which are achieved in the work. Artwork interpretation by different interpreters with diverse mental presuppositions leads to different and even contrast concept manifestations about a single work as a result an artwork especially in the field of literature is red and interpreted in different readings and diverse intakes. Any interpretation related to the sign and symbols used in an artwork is a mental reaction of us towards a context. Art context take its intrinsic truth from the art substantial form and reveals diverse meanings with different interpretation views understanding the mental system of a critic and artwork addressee can uncover the theoretical principles of the interpreter. An art form apart from the interpreter’s theoretical systems has an independent. Existence in the artwork which above all interpretations has intrinsic independence.