decoration, the main element in Iranian aesthetics.

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Creating the fine in Iranian art is based on the decorative elements. The decorations in Iranian architecture are the main elements of the fine construction in pre-Islamic era & Islamic era as well. There are much of very complicated & various. Decorative elements in Iranian monuments. In other words basically, the Iranian art is a decorative art from Achaemenid era to the end of Qajar Dynasty.
The Iranian art of painting is decorative as well as narrative. The main subjects for the pre-Islamic painting of Iran are the hunting & battle of the kings. The personages in such paintings works are decorative; the decorative elements are: various, dresses, jewels, tools & so on. The essence of these paintings is nature, symbolism & the mythology. There are the decorative scenes such as hunting, battle & getting the crown in the Achaemenid – Sassanid bas relieves. Where as the decorative is not limited to the royal art, but it is possible to find various aspects of the decorative elements in public art: carpet weaving.