light architecture & spaces lightened

Document Type : Research Article



Light Architecture & Spaces lightened is a sort of innovative, dealing with the issue of what can be defined as pure forms lightened besides other architectural forms of space. What are the architectural characteristics of "light" that architecture tries to illustrate? This article tries to address the above question, based on the fundamental and philosophical description of the spaces that are lightened by the action of architecture. Through some of the qualifications of "architectural illumination", I would like to explain to spatial causes of architecture light that can be identified whit aesthetic perceptions. Spaces built up of lights, need to be discussed using other physical spaces, dimensions, angles and other falls in an architecture that, perhaps, is specified by different lightening flaming and illuminating sources, in a building, home or office, or a defined part of a room. The author argues, based on a philosophical claim made from it substantiality of space, that the construction of physical-lighted spaces needs to be retreated through the architectural dual category of light/space.