Managerial model of regeneration projects Case study: Tehran

Document Type : Research Article



Urban Regeneration has changed from a simple engineering and construction project to a sophisticated social and economic phenomenon. Management and considering context are to critical factors of regeneration projects success and failures in Iranian initiatives are strongly the result of negligence of them. The main propose of this research is to develop a managerial model for regeneration projects in Tehran based on the context. After considering different dimensions of urban regeneration, the structure and components of the model is identified based on David`s strategic management model and then to complete the model, interview with experts and analysis of consultant`s documents related to Tehran`s deteriorated fabrics is done. Finally every identified part is synthesized into the final model. The most important aspect of the model is role of facilitator for urban management and not a direct actor giving the chance for developers and professionals in private sector to direct regeneration with participation of people and other actors