Design thinking in architectural design process

Document Type : Research Article



Abstract: In order to be successful as instructional designers, we engage in a unique creative process through which we form a bond with the learners we serve. Through design we create and deliver value in the form of learning products and activities that are constructive, effective and efficient. Achieving this value proposition requires the skill of "design thinking." "Design Thinking" is not necessarily related to architectural design. As a matter of fact "Design Thinking" is a requirement for people of every nationality, as it is considered an attempt towards cultural evolution. In "Design Thinking" mind is trained to question, reason and approach each concept as if it was a mathematical problem! One approach to design thinking is to extract the features of the designer's strategic knowledge, for which comparative studies between expert designers and novices are useful. Also, controlled experimental studies may be adopted in order to understand the nature of the idea generation process. It is obvious that: "Design Thinking" could be the foundation of a great revolution in Iranian architecture.