Poetic Structure in a Work of Art

Document Type : Research Article



In the history of filmmaking, poetic films have always employed words and images to create a metaphorical and unfamiliar atmosphere conveying a deconstructive, extraordinary and abnormal sense that mold into dream-like scenes. Poetic films employ a metaphorical language, ambiguous images and complicated narrative structures to force their viewers to dig deeper into everyday experiences and to analyze the phenomena around them. Poetic films are avant-garde and experimental. They do not strictly abide by a particular genre but freely employ elements of various genres to accomplish aesthetic brilliance and a new visual language. These films are full of dramatic atmospheres, clear-cut shots and fluid camera moves. Editing is usually unconventional and a great deal of attention is paid to the structural aspects of images and the graphic effects of lighting, colors etc. Poetic cinema is full of questions, metaphorical concepts and hidden messages that can only be deciphered with knowledge of semiotics.