Keywords = Identity
Narrative of the Other: Approaching “The Other”, Studying Iranian Contemporary Architecture (From Architects’ Point of View)

Volume 16, Issue 77, November 2019, Pages 59-72


Seyyedeh Sedigheh Mirgozar Langaroudi; Vida Nourouz Borazjani; Behrouz Mansouri; Mohammad Zaimaran

The Nature of Iranian Visual Culture Represented Graphically

Volume 13, Issue 40, August 2016, Pages 35-44

Asghar Javani; Mohammad Khazaei; Mansor Kolahkaj

Rereading of Memory and Identity in Monumental Architecture of Iran

Volume 12, Issue 34, October 2015, Pages 69-82

Hekmatollah Mollasalehi

Landscape Theory, an Approach to the Preservation of Identity in Urban Renewal

Volume 7, Issue 14, June 2010, Pages 59-68

farzin negarestan; mahmoud teimouri; mohammad atashinbar

The Continuity of Identity in Urban Landscape

Volume 6, Issue 12, November 2009, Pages 45-56

mohammad atashinbar

the originality of the beauty and the subject subsidy in art

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2005, Pages 64-76

alireza norouzitalab