Author = Vida Norouz Borazjani
Narrative of the Other: Approaching “The Other”, Studying Iranian Contemporary Architecture (From Architects’ Point of View)

Volume 16, Issue 77, November 2019, Pages 59-72


Seyyedeh Sedigheh Mirgozar Langaroudi; Vida Nourouz Borazjani; Behrouz Mansouri; Mohammad Zaimaran

Phenomenology: A Methodology for Understanding Traditional Architecture

Volume 15, Issue 65, November 2018, Pages 13-24


Samaneh Emami Koupaei; Vida Nourouz Borazjani; Mohammad Javad Safian

Re-read of Court’s Form and Related Spaces with Shape Grammar Case Study: 100 Houses of Qajar Dynasty in Kashan City

Volume 13, Issue 44, February 2017, Pages 65-76

Kianoush Hasani; Vida Norouz borazjani; Mohammadreza Nasirsalami