Study of the process of changes in texture and its effect on amnesia of ancient textures (the case of Odlajan canton –Tehran)

Document Type : Research Article



Odlajan canton is among the five different cantons of old Tehran. Once it was the place of Tehran population concentration. Passing of time and for many changes in the structure and texture of the canton, there were some erosions in this canton, the main elements like the irregular lay out of the streets in the texture was created during different periods of time, including construction of Sirous street based on the street lay out of 1937, continuation of Pamenar passage up to Bozarjomehri and the later continuation up to 40s. Any one of these changes in their route and development caused much destruction including destruction of Sarcheshmeh Bazaarand part of Tekyeh Reza Ghioli... and continuation of Sirus street.
Such erosions together with unsuitable living conditions in this canton and classification of different residential parts and areas of Tehran created a kind of intercity and mandatory immigration which made native population of such canton to immigrate to other parts of the city. In turn non-native and immigrant population replaced them with no interest and attach to maintain the historical and cultural identity of this canton.
Due to the changes in Odlajan canton and other similar old canton we should search to find a suitable solution to maintain and hold the memories in such cantons, a solution which may improve the historical memories not to remove them and destruct the historical identity.