The research of string instruments and its inscriptions in Sumerian ancient civilization

Document Type : Research Article



The main purpose of authoring this research is compilation of an arranged collection in order to inspection, introduction and showing the first horizons of the music, which has appeared in the Sumerian ancient civilization and has become a source for the music of next civilizations. Although the science of archeology with all its insistences has been able to reveal the mysteries of this art with discovery and rebuilding of the decomposed instruments, tablets and engraved vases with figures of instruments and players, but the general and decisive judgment about decoding of this art is not possible. Because in spite of the proportional awareness about instruments, the style of performance, the quality of using musical instruments and ideas about this art, our facts about music are trifling, and we can only show a general way about music and instruments of that epoch. Therefore, in this article, after the introduction of Sumerian ancient civilization and its historical antiquity, it has been tried to embark on the state of music in that people. Because of the much importance of string instruments and with emphasizing on its conscious movement, in this article it has been tried to reach of further illuminating about all the string instruments with scientific style and certain view.