Influence Affiliated Nations Art on the Achaemenid Art and Architecture

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The Achamenid art was assumed as royal and was always under the influence of the affiliated nations defined as a Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia and specially Urartu. Curved reliefs and palace gates specially those of Persepolis reveal the great influence of Babylonia and Assyrian arts. Since the conquare of Anatolia by Cyrus the Great, the elegant and refined art of Greek culture emerged within the Achamenid architecture.
Architectural monuments are known as the major element of Achamenid art which were under the influence of Elamite and Median architecture. Moreover, one can find the traces of Urartu Architecture elements as stone burial monuments and narrow passages within the burial chambers. Meanwhile as a result of conquered of Egypt by Darius I the Great and his long term residence in Egypt, he became so interested in Egyption Architectural monuments that he reflected such an eagerness of Persepolis architecture.