An Introduction to the Azerbaijani Style of Architecture

Document Type : Research Article



The art of architecture was gloried in Azerbaijan throughout the 13th- 14th centuries A. D. An architectural style coined as Azeri, introduced by Master Pirnia, describes the Iranian architecture in Ilkhanid- Timurid eras. It is ignored, however, the impression of local styles of Azerbaijani architecture on the Azeri style. Azerbaijan, furthermore, is presented as the forerunner and cradle of Ilkhanid glorious architecture that is well known by a series of engineering innovations and decorative elements which are grouped in seven categories by the author. In these categories, masonry masters from Tabriz and Nakhchivan have shaped six of them. To the author, in addition, the Azerbaijani style of architecture has been prominent by eleven main masonry characters which their formation process is affected by interactions of Tabriz- Nakhchivan schools of architecture and Khorasani one. This innovated style is created by some famous masters such as Alishah of Tabriz and Adjami Nakhchivani. What is more, not only Azerbaijan but Timurid Khorasan- Turkistan and Mamluks Egypt were affected by the waves of Azerbaijani style of architecture.