an introduction to the aesthetics of Iranian Garden

Document Type : Research Article



The Iranian art of Garden building is concluded by the cultural interaction of Iranian lives & their surrounded environment & nature.
There are a few scholars, however, to understand the theoretical aspects of the Iranian garden art in spite of its very old tradition. In this paper the author is concerned with the esthetics in Iranian art of garden building based on the historical samples of Iranian garden, according to the Iranian mentality & rites through the times. Also, the paper considers the new items in the esthetics of Iranian garden; where the fine forms the space. The endless landscape, the water, space variety, sacred landscape, rectangular geometry & the space for stay-thinking are the other aspects in the esthetic of the Iranian garden.
The first step to the fine for the artisan in this art, is his interpretation of objects in the mind; those objects evolves through the times the environment.
The meaning of the fine were joined to the good & evil at the begging, where as parallel to the diffraction of the meaning of the good & evil, that meaning of the fine has evolved its nature & scope in the form & space forming.