Boukhara water network as the landscape infrastructure of the city The rise and fall of an urban landscape infrastructure

Volume 11, Issue 31, January 2015, Pages 1-16

Seyed-Amir Mansouri; Ayda Alehashemi; Mohammad Jamshidian

A Study of the Collage Method in Landscape Architecture Education

Volume 7, Issue 15, March 2011, Pages 3-12

Ali asghar Adibi; Mehrdad Karimi Moshaver

An Introduction to the Azerbaijani Style of Architecture

Volume 7, Issue 14, June 2010, Pages 3-14

bahram ajorloo

Identification of Vertical Urban Design & its Implementing Requisites in Tehran

Volume 7, Issue 13, March 2010, Pages 3-16

sina razzaghi asl; mojtaba mahdavinia; mohsen faizi; abdolhadi daneshpour

A Strategy of Product and Process-Oriented design of Urban Environment Qualities

Volume 6, Issue 12, November 2009, Pages 3-16

mostafa abbaszadegan; reyhane vahidian

The Architectural Style of Shirvan

Volume 6, Issue 11, June 2009, Pages 3-12

bahram ajorloo

The Quality of Traditional and Ethical Design Ideas Crystallizing in the Works of Contemporary Japanese Architects

Volume 5, Issue 9, June 2008, Pages 3-22

aryan amirkhani; ehsan ranjbar; mohamadreza pourjafar

A Survey of Recently Discovered Pictorial Documents Regarding Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Volume 8, Issue 17, September 2011, Pages 3-18

Mina Radahmadi; Farhad Fakhar Tehrani; Reza Abouei

Saheb-Abad Garden in Tabriz City

Volume 2, Issue 4, March 2006, Pages 3-12

amir bani masoud

A comparative study on the role of pattern and experience-based concepts in architectural space

Volume 9, Issue 21, September 2012, Pages 3-12

Mehrdad Soltani; Seyed-Amir Mansouri; Ahmad ali Farzin

The influence of Sassanid art on shapes and inscriptions on fa├žade of Jurjir Mosque

Volume 9, Issue 22, October 2012, Pages 3-10

Aliakbar Sarfaraz; Shohreh Javadi; Alamdar Alian

An Investigation of concept of Subdivision in new urban Extensions (A Case Study: Zanjan Province)

Volume 9, Issue 23, January 2013, Pages 3-10

mehran faramarzi; hamidreza ebrahimi; naser barati

Features of Earliest Park in Tehran: Amin-o-Dolleh Park

Volume 10, Issue 25, June 2013, Pages 3-16

aboozar Majlessi; Mojtaba Ansari; Mohammadreza Bemanian; Farhad Fakhar Tehrani

Effects of urban form on automobile dependency and energy consumption in Tehran residential regions

Volume 10, Issue 26, September 2013, Pages 3-12

Naser Barati; Ali akbar Sardareh

Scrutinizing the Nomadic schema of residence

Volume 11, Issue 28, March 2014, Pages 3-14

reza shakouri; Elham Khodadadi

Methods, Techniques and Tools in Urban Visual Analysis

Volume 11, Issue 29, June 2014, Pages 3-10

Mehrdad Karimi Moshaver