Author = Nasser Barati
The Role of Landscape Approach in Improving Satisfaction with the Urban Environment

Volume 16, Issue 76, October 2019, Pages 45-56


Maryam Majidi; Seyed Amir Mansouri; Jaleh Sabernejad; Nasser Barati

Architectural Basics of Imams Descendants’ Holy Shrines in Iran

Volume 15, Issue 64, October 2018, Pages 5-14


Behzad Masoudi asl; Shohreh Javadi; Nasser Barati; Ahmadali Farzin

Effects of urban form on automobile dependency and energy consumption in Tehran residential regions

Volume 10, Issue 26, September 2013, Pages 3-12

Naser Barati; Ali akbar Sardareh

An Investigation of concept of Subdivision in new urban Extensions (A Case Study: Zanjan Province)

Volume 9, Issue 23, January 2013, Pages 3-10

mehran faramarzi; hamidreza ebrahimi; naser barati