Iranian Spiritual Polis, the concept of Iranian urban space

Document Type : Research Article



Through the Iranian urban fabric, two different concepts of Iranian urban space exist. One is a governmental spiritual city in Iran in which kings have no needs to make any dialogue with the public; accordingly there is no any specific place for that in Iranian fabric of the city, like all examples of castle towns of Median and Achaemenian. Later on are the concepts of Iranian Spiritual Polis.
In Arsacides period of time, because of the kings power, in one hand the Iranian Concept of urban space poses fortification, and in the other hand is a polis in which decision are made by the public in the square in front of the Iranian temple. Because this square is located by the Iranian beliefs, the concept of Iranian Urbanism would be an Iranian Spiritual Polis
To confirm the above hypotheses, a definition of urban space is made and then subjective and objective concept of urban space is explained. Later on the concept of polis in Iran and Greek is compared through the history. Non tendency of being democracy by Iranian governments is occurred in Mad and Persian castle towns which is totally different by the idea of Iranian spiritual polis in Hatra of Arsacides era.