Defining Aesthetic Values in Designing Furniture for Young Families

Document Type : Research Article



Aesthetic values can be assumed as one of the social values. So that they are dynamic, variable and depending on time, groups and place they are belong to. Social differences and historical periods make the research in this field so hard. However we can't neglect their important functions. Aesthetic values must be considered at first steps in industrial design research. More over by encountering globalization this value become more important. Designers can be more successful by considering data from aesthetic value in regional aria. They can use these values, criticize them or reconstruct them in creating new products.
In this article, through two phases, one theoretical and the other practical, we try to make a suitable definition for aesthetic value by over viewing different fields such as ethnology, sociology, psychology, philosophy of art and industrial design.
At the end we recommend a method to define these values in industrial design research through a sample which is done on house furniture (sitting appliance).