Traditional houses construction with beautiful court yards

Document Type : Research Article



Less consideration into the house subject, profit-making dimension toward the land, none consideration to the space or site quality and its definition and none of environmental contribution problem or humankinds psychologically. However, we believe human is a part of nature and its communication with nature closely to be caused in life stability and duration well. This valuable communication is based on Islamic principles repeatedly.
So, the aim of this research returns to recognize the water role as a major element of the nature particularly at the Iranian’s traditional court yards. Water as a natural element plays an important role at the yard. Water also is an agent that living arising it perfectly. Water has unique ability for exciting human mind and all people have instinctive attachment about water.
Generally, main structure of the paper involves four parts as follow:
Water definition review, Water applicable role review, Water functional role review and water landscaping role review at the court yards. In each of above mentioned cases, water roles review to be described certainly. Perhaps, the most important point of the study has been summarized in following sentence: