Origins of Taste in Architecture

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Taste in architecture means to choose the optimal building which is the most important issues in this area, attributed to different factors.But it can be understood in two introductory ways .The first way relates to outward or objective characteristics, and the second way relates to the perspective of the individual’s subjective perception .In addition to these two cases, functional aspects or living in the building and its location in the urban landscape are also important in architecture. Another noteworthy point is commodity preferences or the importance of fashion in society which plays an important role in building choice. Thus according to various aspects of “taste”, Studies began on sensory perception and its implications in aesthetic perception from Exterior side of the building and its relationship with art. Form-based features and characteristics of the external appearance of the building facade along with its impact on mind studied in beauty and art issues.
Then functional aspects of architecture and the quality of human life in the building were considered. Subsequently, the search in the field of social preferences Which is another influential factor in choosing and in the field of fashion and social trends searched .As a result, it was determined that taste in architecture begins with observing the apparent or objective character of the building, associating with fashion trends to It will lead to the choice of the optimal building.


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