The patterns of creating space in architecture Relying on theoretical paradigms of postmodernism

Document Type : Research Article



This essay investigates discussions surrounding the issue of space creating patterns in architecture based on paradigms in the postmodern era. An area of research which is of great concern in today’s researches on theoretical origin of architecture is the use of theoretical paradigms in contemporary applied sciences. In the beginning, the history of how paradigms of science were brought to the field of architecture is briefly discussed. Then, due to the importance of the application of theoretical principles in the design and creation of space, using paradigms in the field of architecture by Kate Nesbitt, such as phenomenology, aesthetics, linguistics, semiotics, structuralism, post structuralism and deconstruction patterns ,which consciously or unconsciously, have been using by architects to create spaces are discussed. Regarding the significance of the challenging issue of space in the field of architecture as well as the necessity of projecting the concepts of the space from the theory to act as one of the major challenges every contemporary architect confront, the aim of this study is to answer the question of how each constituent element of space which are used in the spaces derived from theoretical paradigms of postmodern architecture?
Therefore, this research includes three main sections:
Section I: Background research (discussing how paradigms were imported to the field of architecture from science), Section II: A review on theoretical paradigms in the era of post-modern architecture, Section III: Discussing space creation patterns in architecture based on postmodern theoretical paradigms (in terms of the constituent elements of architectural space)
Eventually, the spatial features of each paradigm are briefly discussed. This article is based on a qualitative and analytical review and intends to shed light on the fact that despite the diversity and multiplicity of contexts faced in theoretical debates of postmodern era , the debates about space are organized in a way that we can formulate the models of space in this context like other theoretical debates discussed in architecture so that they can be applied to theoretical paradigms in the field of architecture.