Design Patterns of Green Space in CFC. (Casae Study: Child Friendly City of BAM)

Document Type : Research Article



Child Friendly City projects commonly aimed to make opportunities for children to form their environment or change it. So, these projects are trying to give citizen rights to children, improve their knowledge, help their participation abilities, decrease violence against children, pay attention to environmental subjects and etc. In our country, Iran, the Bam city (after its earthquake in 1382) was one of the examples that Child Friendly City ideas were included in its renovation program. One of the defined projects in this field was to find green space design patterns considering children's desires. In this project, children's ideas about green spaces were interpreted by using Group Discussion methods and participation procedures, for example narratives, charts and puzzles, modeling, painting and etc, and their opinions have been collected. By studying their ideas, although most of them were related to their experiments, many ideal factors for choosing materials, arrangement of the spaces, name some essential spaces, how to confine the green spaces, bicycle roads, flower spots and etc have been derived. Some of children's desires, derived from the Group Discussion in a project of Bam Child Friendly city, were incorporated green space and play grounds, separated spaces for children and adults, some spaces for memory writings, statues, use of materials such as wood and include lawn areas.