Development and Security in Spatial Strategic Planing in Border Regions

Document Type : Research Article



The planning system in Iran is a multi-level system in which the relationship between the levels is more important than the number of the levels. According to this relationship, authorities in different levels adjust their interaction; thus the process will be more sufficient if the system be organized and integrated.
In a country such as Iran with more than 60 years of experience in systematic development which still is facing fundamental problems, an understanding of the systematic relationship between the components of the planning regime is more highlighted. In this regard the Spatial Planning of the border regions is highly important because of the long borders with the neighbor countries and the fact that more than half of the provinces in Iran are located in the vicinity of the international borders.
The aim of this paper is to emphasis on the spatial planning of the border regions, and highlighting its elements and factors and the relationship between the factors and the other parts of the planning system.
In this regard different theories will be discussed as well as the experiences of spatial planning in Iran and the other countries. Moreover, the guidelines and strategies in approaching the problems of the border regions and the achieved outcome will be highlighted.
The outcome of this research shows the great correlation between developments and security in the border regions. It also highlights the unbalanced condition between the inner regions and the border regions in Iran; the condition which affects the national development. In the other word, neglecting the border regions in terms of development can cause insecurity and degeneration of the other parts of the country; however, so many subjective and objective obstructions have caused this condition to be continued. The spatial planning system of the border regions tries to present a spatial-strategic planning in order to facilitate the national sustainable development.