Landscape Theory, an Approach to the Preservation of Identity in Urban Renewal

Document Type : Research Article



Physical erosion and poor standards of economic and social life in city slums, which also lack historical sites, evidently justify radical intervention for redevelopment regardless of local identities or values. But, the urban renewal process underway in Iran for the past several years has clearly shown that disregarding urban qualities can readily ruin the chances of achieving the main goals of the renewal process. One of the goals of urban renewal in Iran based on governmental and municipal urban development policies is protecting a city’s identity. Although the general and common concept of identity is as old as human civilization, urban identity is a relatively new concept. Simple as it may sound, the concept of urban identity can be described as a ultidimensional phenomenon.Since the Landscape Theory encompasses various aspects of urban concepts, it can prove efficient in dealing with the challenges of urban renewal. This article aims to outline a thesis to resolve the identity crisis resulting from urban renewal by focusing on the concepts of renewal, identity, urbanization, and landscape.