How Government Systems Have Influenced the Emergence of Nationalist Architectural Movements in Iran and Turkey

Document Type : Research Article



This paper initially attempts to introduce the main
factors behind the formation of nationalist ideas
by studying the social and political grounds upon
which nationalism developed in Iran and Turkey
between 1920 and 1950. To do so, the authors
have focused on the efforts made by the Iranian
and Turkish governments to strengthen
nationalism. They have also studied how official
cooperation between the two sides influenced the
formation of nationalist movements. The paper
then introduces the nationalist architectural
movements that were developed as a result of
these nationalist policies in Turkey and Iran. The
authors study and categorize these nationalist
architectural movements and some of their
creations based on the opinions of Iranian and
Turkish critics. In the end, a comparative study is
employed to discuss how government policies
have influenced the emergence of nationalist
architectural movements in Iran and Turkey.