The semiotics of the Barbie doll by Roland Barthes mythology

Document Type : Research Article


university of shahid beheshti


What will be analyzed in the present study is the contribution of the performance of best-selling toys in the formation of modern myths and the strengthening of the bourgeoisie in the world. In this regard, with emphasis on Roland Barthes's myth theory, the human-object relationship in Barbie dolls has been studied as a research example. The questions posed in the research address the following issues: 1. What are the characteristics of the mythical signs of a Barbie doll based on Roland Barthes theory? 2. How can toys become a myth and a hero for their audience with an emphasis on Barbie dolls? In the first part of the research, Barbie's implicit implications are mythologized and explained in order to recognize the mythical language of the work as trans-linguistic. In the next step, according to Barthes's mythical critique, meta-meta-language layers are identified and introduced. The research method is descriptive-analytical and in the research sample, library data and Internet have been used.