Measurement of readings priority landscape of urban spaces from the standpoint of citizens (Case study: urban squares of the city of Hamadan)

Document Type : Research Article



  The urban landscape quality of a city, has an important and effective role in reading and understanding of urban spaces. Visual and conceptual factors promoting urban areas landscape, can only be achieved when priority assessment existing urban issues, be based on the comments of citizens and users of space. Because of the variety of opinions and viewpoints of the city and the surrounding urban landscape issues and its priorities, there are different views and opinions in the city and the surrounding urban land, also decisions must be integrated and comprehensive in line with coverage all aspects of priorities, For this aim, The purpose of this study is priority assessment and reading of city squares landscape of Hamadan, from the standpoint of citizens and professionals. Based on first criteria and indicators of landscape urban squares Hamedan studies using library-mining and then with respect to the goals and research questions ANP model was prepared. In this way, the ANP model - based urban squares landscape of Hamadan, including3cluster (criteria/group) and 20 option (node/sub-groups), using the Super Decisions softwares were produced and the results of the field investigations in the software were analyzed. Models outputs in the text differented ways, and various diagrams and think able for criteria and options, is presentable. Hence, according to the research questions: 1– How are prioritise indicators and effective criterion on urban squares of Hamadan the based on standpoint of citizen and opinions? 2 - What are priority indicators of urban landscape ration criterias based on experts point of view ?, only, same part of the findings in the paper has been brought. The research results show that, from the standpoint of citizens , indicators of vegetation coverage in physical - bodily cluster and memorial and cemetery monuments within the cluster of identity – place, Scale and space proportionin perspective of -Skeletal -aesthetic of cluster, has the highest priority relative to other indicators in each cluster to the item(the BuAli Sina squire).Similarly, in Imam Khomeini Square, clustering building indexes features, in the cluster of physical -body, historical and cultural features of places in local – identity clusters,  in Skeletal body aesthetic symmetry of cluster, have the highest priority, Baba taher Square, the green indicator in the cluster periphery of the physical body, memorial and cemetery monuments in the cluster identity-place, lighting and color, in bodily aesthetic, have the highest priority and ‘desirable sky line’ indicators within the cluster bodily- physical buildings, and memorial and cemetery monuments" within the cluster of local identity,"Scale and proportions of the space " the cluster of a bodily-aesthetic too, from citizen perspective have the highest priority relative to other indicators in each cluster to the item(eshrine of Abdullah Squar), and from experts opinions the "buildings facades" indicators had top priority and symbols and signs had the lowest priority within place-identity cluster: and indicators of scale and appropriateness of space had the highest and lowest priority and body symmetry than any other indicators in bodily a esthetetic cluste.