Author = Hasanpour, Mohammad
Photo Hermeneutics: Strategies and Approaches

Volume 19, Issue 109, June 2022, Pages 57-68


Mohamad Hasanpur; Abulghasem Nemat Shahrebabaki

Photography, the Continuity of Modern Iconography

Volume 16, Issue 73, July 2019, Pages 17-28


Mohamad Hasanpur; Ahmad Alasti; Hasan Bolkhari

Essence of Hermeneutic Circle of Understanding in Aesthetics of Photograph Interpretation

Volume 13, Issue 44, February 2017, Pages 5-14

mohamad hasanpur; Mohsen Keyhanpoor; Alireza Norouzitalab

Referring to Lost Time, as the Present, in Private Photos

Volume 12, Issue 33, June 2015, Pages 3-12

Mohammad Hasanpour; Alireza Norouzitalab; Ghazale Seifi

Picture Interpretation and How to Attain Pleasure from a Text

Volume 7, Issue 15, March 2011, Pages 27-36

Mohamad Hasanpur; Alireza Norouzitalab